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Another week…another weekly running recap!

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 3.5 mile run
Tuesday: 1 hour DVD
Wednesday: 1 hour treadmill incline walk
Thursday: 1 hour DVD
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 mile run

I found out late last week, that my last half-marathon (middle of November) has been cancelled. I was really looking forward to this race, for a couple of reasons. The race was going to be run on a race track (automobile and motorcycle race track). I have visited this race track many times, so I was looking forward to having the opportunity to run on it. The other reason was that it as going to be my first relay (Ali and Amie, this just means we need to find another race!).

After a few days, I started to look at the cancelled race as an opportunity. I really struggled to finish my last race, my IT band was hurting me a lot. As you can tell by my weekly recaps, I do very little cross-training, and no strength training. I already have races on my calendar for next year, and I would like to be pain-free for them. So all that said, I have decided to reduce the running to 2 days a week, and to start adding in other workouts. I also have been using my foam roller! I am going to try this for a month and then re-evaluate.

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